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Reilly Statement on Democrat Party Protesting Legislature


Date: December 13, 2023




“It is both disturbing and disgusting to hear calls for Intifada, and “From the River to the Sea,” from the gallery of the Monroe County Legislative Chambers. This attempted insurrection during last night’s Legislature meeting is the latest example of the far-left Democrat Socialists extreme hatred for the Jewish Community and their total disrespect for our democratic institutions.


The Monroe County Republican Committee unequivocally condemns the actions and sentiments of those who attempted to shut down the work of County government to spew insurrectionist antisemitism, reaffirms our commitment to the Jewish community and Israel, and thanks the Republican Majority in the Legislature for refusing to be intimidated by these belligerent obstructionists.


I call on my counterpart, Monroe County Democratic Committee Chairman Stephen DeVay, to immediately join us in this condemnation and to disavow the actions of the elected members of his party who joined in these heinous chants and disruption.  Democrat County Legislator Carolyn Delvecchio Hoffman and Democrat City Council Member Stanley Martin’s actions are unbecoming of any person, but simply inexcusable for an elected official – regrettably, not surprising for these two. The only thing more disturbing than last night is the thought the party of these protestors will soon take the Majority in the Legislature and that the Democrat Party plans on making Delvecchio Hoffman part of the Democrat Leadership.



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