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It’s a new day for the Monroe County Republican Party, and we need your help to ensure our success. Your support of our local efforts is critical as we work to expand our base. The Monroe County Republican Party relies on donations from local citizens. Your contributions enable our day-to-day operations, and will help us share our message, promote our agenda, and win elections.


Why donate?

Many people want to support the Monroe County Republican Party, but just don’t have time to volunteer. If you’re short on time, your financial contribution is not only welcome, it makes a difference!


How do your donations help?

Your donations support:

  • Voter outreach

  • Get Out the Vote efforts

  • Advertising for Republican candidates

  • Direct financial contributions to our candidates’ campaigns

  • Providing materials and training for our volunteers


For our election efforts to succeed, we must be able to communicate our common sense message and turnout our voters – and that’s where we need your help. By supporting the Monroe County Republican Party, you will help to ensure that our candidates and our committee have the resources to come out on top on Election Day.


We can’t fight for conservative values without your help. If you love Monroe County and want to see a change in the direction we’re headed, we ask that you show your support by donating to the Monroe County Republican Committee. Your donation can help us turn things around in our community and our state.

Prefer to donate by check?

Please make your checks payable to the Monroe County Republican Committee and mail to:

Monroe County Republican Committee
144 Metro Park, Suite 3
Rochester, NY 14623

It will be of little avail to the people that the laws are made by men of their own choice if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood.

James Madison, The Federalist Papers (Federalist #62)

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