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Candidate for
New York State Senate - 56th District
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Jim is a lifetime Republican and the retired Gates Police Chief (2022) who grew up in the Town of Gates.  He is the local "kid" who graduated from Gates Chili High School, Monroe Community College, Roberts Wesleyan College, and S.U.N.Y Brockport with a Masters Degree in Public Administration.  Jim is married to his wife Veronica and has two adult son's who are Law Enforcement Officers.


After completing 37 years in Law Enforcement, nine years as the Chief of Police, past President of the Monroe County Police Chief's Association, Jim retired and ran for the NYS Senate 56th District in 2022.  He was narrowly defeated by the incumbent Democrat.   


Jim's top priorities:  the alarming crime rate because of the Democratic Party soft on crime policies is crushing our communities, the illegal Migrants who have been brought to New York as a result of our  "sanctuary state", the exorbitant taxes and fees are causing New Yorkers to leave our state by the thousands, the Democrats have taken away New Yorkers 2nd amendment rights, school choice for parents, our Military Veteran's must come before illegal migrants and there needs to be a discussion on Term Limits.  Many New Yorkers love their state but despise their government!  


Jim has a long history of FIGHTING for Crime Victims, a strong voice for the on going lethal opioid epidemic, and has been a solution minded leader in these most difficult times.  It's time to fire the career politicians who have created this chaos, lack of responsibility and reckless unending spending across our state.  Jim is ready to go to Albany and restore common sense policies to our government.  New Yorkers will always come FIRST! 

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