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Monroe County Republican Committee Chairman Bill Reilich speaks to reporters on Election Day.

Our Chairman Bill Reilich

Bill Reilich has served as Chairman on the Monroe County Republican for over 9 years. On July 12, 2008, after a unanimous vote of the Monroe County Republican Committee, Bill accepted the nomination for the position of Chairman of the party. Bill shared his message of working as a team and strengthening the Republican Party in Monroe County. He is in this to win it. We have many very talented people in our ranks and he intends on making sure that he brings everyone together so we can continue to be successful in electing Republican Candidates.

Our Elected Officials

Republicans in Monroe County are well represented in government across the Federal, State, County, and Town levels despite a significant enrollment disadvantage. At the federal level, we are represented in the White House by President Trump and Vice-President Pence, and in Congress by Congressman Collins. In the New York State Legislature, six Republicans Senators and four Republicans Assemblymembers make-up Monroe County’s state delegation. Right here in Monroe County, Republicans hold two Countywide elected offices and 18 of the 29 seats in the County Legislature. Republicans also hold the majority in 18 of the 21 towns and villages.